Stomach Ulcer Remedies


Stomach Ulcer Remedies
Ulcer disease is a common disease that affects everyone. Ulcer disease or gastritis commonly known as a disease that is caused by a disturbance in the stomach Caused by Increased levels of stomach acid.

Ulcer disease is a stomach problem Caused by high levels of stomach acid. Excess stomach acid for a long time will result in inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

Ulcer disease is really a symptom of disease because of aspects, which damage the stomach mucosal defense, outweighs the factors that protect the stomach mucosal defense,

Types of Ulcer
Based on severity, an ulcer can be divided into three:

1. Mild ulcer disease
Ulcer disease still relatively mild stage where everyone usually already in this stage, if the examination looks at the excess stomach acid wall.
2. Ulcer disease
Ulcer disease at this stage is causing pain, nausea and painful.
3. Chronic ulcer disease
Chronic ulcers are ulcers that have severe heartburn intensity compared to normal.
Causes of Ulcer Pain
Ulcer disease can be caused by unhealthy lifestyles and rough as rough eating, the food was too spicy and oily, smoke, drink coffee / alcohol, taking certain medications for long periods such as aspirin, even stresses to be a factor cause of the ulcer.

Symptoms of Ulcer Pain
Ulcer disease can be known from the characteristics. Often experience pain and tenderness in the stomach and heartburn, stomachic bloating if too late to eat and felt stomachic pain after eating, sometimes accompanied by nausea and often vomiting, frequent burping, especially if the hungry, and Decreased hunger, light face, cold sweating and dizziness.
Having discussed in detail ulcer disease, from cause's heartburn, heartburn symptoms, and other types of stomach ulcers, further discussion is how to deal with heartburn medicinal uses of herbal / traditional (natural).

As it previously Carried Discussed, traits / symptoms you are suffering from heartburn include pain in the gut, and flatulence.

Heartburn can come to us without realizing it before. Although the disease does not seem too hard, but that does not mean we should not underestimate heartburn. Ulcer disease is triggered by pain in the stomach that can cause digestive problems if not handled properly it could eventually interfere with the body as a whole when the pain suffered in the stomach is considered chronic.

Ulcer Pain Medication
The best efforts to address and Prevent ulcer disease is eating the right time regularly and not excessive, a balanced and healthy lifestyle, hygiene, and avoids stressing.

As for treating heartburn can traditionally use the following herbal ingredients:

First Ulcer Pain Medication (Avocado)
The first drug heartburn is using avocado fruit seeds. To make it, wash the avocado seed using boiled water, after that grated avocado seed and 100 CC boiled water mixed with the grated avocado seeds before, after that strain.

Rules used ulcer drugs:
- Mild heartburn, drinking juice avocado seeds 1 a day;
- Chronic heartburn, drinking juice avocado seed two times a day, morning and evening, until Healed.

Second Ulcer Pain Medication (Turmeric)
The second ulcer drug use turmeric herb to make it, take two segment turmeric, after that peeled and cleaned, after that grated turmeric, add lukewarm water and squeeze to take out the juice.

For rules of use, drink twice a day, in the morning before eating and at night before bed.

That is traditionally prescribed medications to address heartburn; a roommate is down for generations been handed down by our ancestors. I hope that ulcer disease herbal medicine can help those of you who are experiencing heartburn, whether mild, moderate or chronic gastritis.
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