What causes coronary heart disease


Info about heart disease, especially coronary anything about the causes, of the characteristics, symptoms Caused. And lastly and most importantly how to live a healthy life is right that we are not exposed to this deadly disease. Do not you realize too late, surely regret always comes too late. By knowing the Things required, you can avoid regret later in life and may even help people who may be experiencing.
What causes coronary heart disease

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Coronary heart disease is a disease that Occurs due to blockage or narrowing of the results of coronary artery blood vessels. As we all know, the coronary arteries serves to drain the blood by bringing in Nutrients and oxygen needed by the heart muscle to function properly pump blood throughout the body.

The disease is Caused by the buildup of fat in the vessel wall coroner, and this is Gradually Followed by various processes such as accumulation of connective tissue, blood clots, etc. With the buildup must be narrowed or even can clog blood vessels. That way, it will result in the area of? Heart muscle is deprived of blood flow, causing a variety of serious effects, of anginas pectoris (heart problems) to heart infarction. We all know him as a heart attack. This attack can cause sudden death.

Some of the causes of this particular illness, and others, amounts of total cholesterol and high LDL cholesterol, a history of heart disease in the family Heredity, hypertension, low HDL cholesterol levels, obesity, smoking, diabetes mellitus, lack of exercise, and even stress. So it should we avoid these Things from an early age.

Symptoms or characteristics
The patient felt pain in the chest, sudden weakness or fainting. If it not treated medically as soon as possible can lead to death.

How to Avoid
Avoid fatty food's early and frequent exercise.
You all already know what are the causes of coronary heart disease, so it should get into the habit early on us to exercise and eat healthy foods and reduce fatty foods. If you are seeing people with symptoms or traits characteristic of heart disease, as has been mentioned above that the patient felt pain in the chest, sudden weakness or fainting, you should be taken to the hospital to get medical help as soon as possible to help him.

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